In this year's Munich Show we presented our new Hyperion monoblock amplifiers. A high power hybrid design with massive power supply and all signal transformers with silver windings are the new star in our product line. With their massive construction and unparalleled sound performance the system in our room created the best impressions among visitors. They drove wonderfully the Wilson Alexia speakers which Wilson Audio kindly enough provided for the first presentation of our new amps. Together with Finite Elemente , our co-partner in the room, and Mark Doehmann's new brain-child, the amazing Helix 1 Thrax turntable the system produced musical colors throughout the Show. Power filter was the Vibex Granada and cables were from Vibex, Analog Tools and Stage 3.


A full YPSILON system was waiting for the attendees of this years High End show in Munich, Germany.

The brand new PHAETHON integrated amplifier paired with YPSILON’S FADIAN loudspeakers were the two products showing for the first time worldwide!! Together with the CDT-100 and DAC-100 combo, for digital reproduction, and the VPS-100 with the TTT from THALES, for analogue, were drawing in the crowds.

A big thank you to FINITE ELEMENTE for their superb racks and HB cables for their power strip and power cords.


Show report from 6moons Srajan Ebaen


RMAF 2012

Hi End audio in full glory! The towering YPSILON ELECTRONICS SET-100 ULTIMATE single ended amplifiers were present this year at RMAF 2012 setting an unmatchable standard to what cost no object systems are capable of. Accompanied by a full suite of award winning PST-100MKII pre amplifier and VPS-100 phono stage together with CDT-100 cd transport and DAC-100 D/A converter the outcome was obviously inspiring, judging by everybody's remarks and time spent! The matching with LANCHE 7 loudspeakers ,BERGMAN turntable, STAGE III cables and TANDEM racks was superb making this a best sound in show for many


YPSILON ELECTRONICS was back in Munich this year in Room E109 exhibiting a full system of electronics in our German distributors room WOD Audio. Combined with the YG KIPOD II speakers, Weiss digital sources, KUBALA-SOSNA cables and Bergmann turntable this was a system to sit down and really enjoy music.


Each year this show becomes bigger and more impressive. So do of course the audio systems setup and so does the response from the crowds waiting to listen and see something out of the ordinary.

In three set ups this year YPSILON ELECTRONICS was there to give everyone the opportunity to listen to a variety of products.

Room E 109 is always the WOD AUDIO room ,our German distributor . Driving the YG KIPOD II loudspeakers was our AELIUS monoblock power amps. In the system also the VPS-100 phonostage and Mc step up paired with the BERGMANN SINDRE turntable for the analogue source of this setup.

In this setup also the WEISS digital source and KUBALA-SOSNA cables.

Room E216 was a full setup of YPSILON ELECTRONICS products. The SET-100VS amplifier, PST-100 MKII pre amp, reviewed this month in STEREOPHILE magazine, the CDT-100 cd transport and DAC-100 D/A converter together with the BERGMANN MAGNE turntable ,STAGE III cables ,ADVANCED ACOUSTICS room treatment and TANDEM racks.

In Room F115 the newest addition to our line of amplifiers was presented. The 300B monoblock amplifier was driving the CESSARO GAMMA loudspeaker system and together with the PST-100 MKII pre amp and VPS-100 phonostage paired with the TW RAVEN turntable was making all attendees stop and listen.

CES 2011

CES 2011 brought another year of excellent sound in both our rooms at the VENETIAN tower in Las Vegas.

In room 30-115 the system consisted of AELIUS push pull amplifiers, PST-100 MKII pre map, DAC-100 d/a converter and CDT-100 CD transport together with the VPS-100 phono stage and MC-16 step up transformer. Together with the BERGMANN SLEIPNER turntable, LANCHE AUDIO loudspeakers and STAGE III cables this system produced music to captivate the attention and make you loose track of time in such a busy show.

One floor down and in suite 29-335 the SET-100MKIII monoblock amplifiers together with the PST-100 MKII  pre amp, DAC-100 d/a converter and CDT-100 CD transport were driving the majestic PERFECT 8 TECHNOLOGY THE FORCE and THE POINT loudspeakers. Sound to make you stop and take notice.

In the same suite in an adjacent room the SET-100VS tube amp, PST-100 pre amp CDT-100 CD transport and DAC-100 d/a converter were driving the small CUBE loudspeakers from P8.There was nothing small about that setup and sound!!!

All products, in both rooms, supported fully by RACKS AUDIO DESIGN solid wood racks of natural beauty and high craftsmanship.


On Saturday January 8th 2011 the companies YPSILON ELECTRONICS, PERFECT 8 TECHNOLOGY and RACKS AUDIO DESIGN held an event to pay tribute to. MUSIC!!!!

This event named appropriately "BACK TO THE MUSIC" was an evening of mingling, good food and wine in which all present had the opportunity to have a relaxed time listening to a system of the absolute highest level.

RAY KIMBER was our esteemed guest. Everyone had the opportunity to listen to three of his ISOMIKE finest recordings after which RAY told us a few things about the techniques, recording methods and difficulties addressed during each one.

After RAY'S presentation it was a case of pure listening to vinyl through the BERGMANN SLEIPNER turntable and the YPSILON CDT-100 and DAC-100 combo.

This event was a rare opportunity for everyone to relax and have a great evening in the midst of such a busy show like CES.

Thank you to all present for a memorable evening!


The Munich Hi End show has become the finest audio show in Europe and in the top shows of the world.
This year YPSILON ELECTRONICS made some very special set ups for music and audio lovers to experience.

In room E116 a superb system was assembled with some of the finest audio components.
With the full line of SET-100 MKIII hybrid S.E.T. amplifier,PST-100 MKII pre amp,VPS-100 world acclaimed top phono stage ,CDT-100 cd transport and DAC-100 D/A converter the PYTHAGORAS turntable and THALES tonearm were using ZEN SATI cables and AUDIOSTONE racks to drive the ACAPELLA VIOLONCELLO II loudspeakers. Lets just say that the 75m2, ADVANCED ACOUSTICS treated room was not big enough for the volume of people trying to listen to this outstanding set up.

In the company's other set up in room F115 also on the Atrium 4 the spectacular CESSARO horn loudspeakers were driven also by the SET-100 MKIII hybrid S.E.T. amplifier, PST-100 MKII pre amp, VPS-100 world acclaimed top phono stage together with the TW acoustics turntable.

A match made in heaven and music to captivate even the most demanding listener.
To try and top this next year will be a challenge.just what we like!!

CES 2010

Suites 30-120 & 29-318 were at this years CES two outstanding rooms with system setups of the highest level.

In room 29-318 the system consisted of YPSILON SET-100 monoblock power amps, PST-100 pre, CDT-100 cd transport, DAC-100 d/a converter and VPS-100 phono stage. AUDIOSTONE Pythagoras turntable with Thales tonearm, ZenSati cables and Perfect 8 Technologies FORCE glass loudspeakers. The by now well known ONE MILLION DOLLAR system!

In room 30-120 YPSILON presented their newest gorgeous Push Pull hybrid power amplifier AELIUS together with the PST-100 pre, CDT-100 cd transport, DAC-100 d/a converter and VPS-100 phono stage, stageIII cables, BERGMANN turntable and TIDAL loudspeakers.


This was the first time for YPSILON ELECTRONICS in Denmark and what a show it was!!

A great working team from 4 companies. Perfect 8 technologies speakers, ZenSati cables and Audiostone racks completed this set up providing by far the best sound in the show and giving the wonderful Scandinavian audience something to talk about.

Also in the ballroom right next door the VPS-100 phono stage was used in the set up, with the Pythagoras turntable, that assisted Michael Fremer in his seminar about all things analogue!

RMAF 2009

Ypsilon Electronics made their Rocky Mountain Audio Fest debut this year presenting the prototype of the new DHT valve amplifier. Together with the Tidal Contriva loudspeakers, the Bergman turntable and the stage III cables these new amps created magic in this show making many state that it was by far the best sound.

CES 2009

This year at CES YPSILON ELECTRONICS was presented in two rooms.

One with ROCKPORT TECHNOLOGIES showing the brand new Aquila loudspeaker and Blue Smoke Entertainment showing their Black Box.

In this room we showed the SET-100 monoblock hybrid amplifier, the SET-100VS stereo valve amp, the PST-100 preamplifier and on static display the brand new VPS-100 phono stage with separate Step-up transformer.

In the other room with RAIDHO loudspeakers showing their C1 & C2 loudspeaker and NORDOST cables and QUANTUM we showed the stereo valve amplifier SET-100VS,the PST-100 preamplifier and the CDT-100 cd player.

With an excellent performance in both rooms the interest for this line of products has reached very high proportions.


On September 27th & 28th YPSILON ELECTRONICS was presented for the first time in Singapore.

The Revelation room of Mr Leonard Tan is our new distributor in the region and for this event a presentation of YPSILON ELECTRONICS , Audiostone and Thales tonearm was arranged for a very exclusive audience.

This was a very unique opportunity for some of the worlds best components to be used together in a Ultra Hi End Audio setup.


On May 25th 2008 YPSILON ELECTRONICS was honored by the world renowned Audiophile Club of Athens (A.C.A.) for their dedicated work in Hi-End Audio and research and development.

Robert Deutsch of U.S.A's Stereophile magazine was present having the opportunity to get a real feel of what YPSILON ELECTRONICS is all about.


At the world renowned Hi End Munich show this year YPSILON ELECTRONICS had 2 setups one consisting of the SET-100 monoblocks, PST-100 pre amplifier, CDT-100 cd player/transport and the DAC-100 D/A converter matched with AUDIOSTONE racks, ECOSSE cables, LITHOPHONE MIRACLE loudspeakers and Dr Feickert turntable.

In the other setup the SET-100VS stereo valve amplifier together with the CDT-100 cd player/transport and the PST-100TA transformer attenuator where matched with AUDIOSTONE rack, ECOSSE cables, LITHOPHONE loudspeakers and Dr Feickert turntable.


The first exhibition of the year was T.H.E. SHOW in Las Vegas U.S.A. and took place from the 7th to the 10th of January 2008.

Except for the beautiful AUDIOSTONE rack this was an all YPSILON ELECTRONICS setup consisting of three new products.

The CDT-100 now as either cd transport or cd player, the PST-100 TA transformer attenuator only pre-amp and the SET-100 VS dual mono valve amplifier.

Matched with the pure silver YPSILON cables and Morpheus prototype speakers the feel in the room and the sound were absolutely breathtaking.


Trodheim, Norway Hi-Fi show 2007 took place over the weekend of 10 & 11 November.

YPSILON ELECTRONICS who is represented in all the Scandinavian countries by AudioStone Distribution exhibited their full -100 series consisting of the SET-100 single ended amplifiers, PST-100 pre-amplifier, DAC-100 D/A converter and the CDT-100 CD transport. Paired with the LITHOPHON MIRACLE speakers, ECOSSE cables and AUDIOSTONE rack the result was absolutely fantastic.


Over the weekend of 31/3/07 and 1/4/07 YPSILON ELECTRONICS presented the brand new SET-100VS valve amplifier. 40 Watts of single ended Class A excellence paired with the PST-100 pre amp, the CDT-100 CD transport and the DAC-100 D/A converter. Complimented magnificently by the Rockport Merak/Sheraton speakers,HRS stands and Purist Audio cables, of AMADEUS AUDIO, this first presentation of the new YPSILON ELECTRONICS amplifier was a good opportunity for everyone to get a taste of this powerful valve amplifier.

CES 2007

Ypsilon Electronics made their American debut at the 2007 CES show. Paired with the Verity Sarastro speakers the system of SET-100 single ended power amp, PST-100 pre amp,DAC-100 D/A converter and CDT-100 cd transport once more achieved a very high standard and created a buzz around their name.


In this years Hi-Fi NEWS show in London over the weekend of the 22nd to the 24th of September YPSILON ELECTRONICS presented the 100 series in the TRIDENT room right in the heart of the show. The setup consisted of the SET-100 single ended hybrid amplifiers, the PST-100 pre-amplifier, the DAC-100 D/A converter and the CDT-100 CD/TRANSPORT. The electronics setup was paired with the Lumley Stratosphere turntable, the Rockport Antares speakers,Purist Audio cables and HRS stands.All provided by AMADEUS AUDIO and Mr Glynn Williams, YPSILON ELECTRONICS UK and N.Ireland distributor.


YPSILON ELECTRONICS presented their full 100 series at the Munich Hi-End Show 2006 over the weekend of the 26th to the 28th May 2006. The setup consisted of the SET-100 single ended hybrid amplifiers, the PST-100 pre-amplifier, the DAC-100 D/A converter and the CDT-100 CD/TRANSPORT. The electronics were paired with our MORPHEUS speakers and our prototype speaker cables. One of the best systems of the show many proclaimed.

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